Luftwaffe observer grouping to Ofeldw. E. Klein 4.(F)/14 air combat grouping!

Luftwaffe observer grouping to Ofeldw. E. Klein 4.(F)/14 air combat grouping!

Luftwaffe observer grouping to Ofeldw. E. Klein 4.(F)/14 air combat grouping!

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Luftwaffe observer grouping to Oberfeldwebel Erich Klein, member of the 4.(F)/14. Earlier Klein was part of the Wehrmacht under the Infanterie Regiment 38. As a professional soldier he was awarded with the 4 year service medal on 1.4.38. In 1939 Klein took part in the Poland invasion (see entries in the Wehrpass for the cities) and later the western invasion. On Janurary 1941 Klein received the Iron cross 1st class hand signed by Knights Cross and Oak leaf winner Gustav Höhne,  commander of the 8. Infanterie Division. 

After Poland the 8.Infanterie-Division fought in Belgium under 4.Armee, Armeegruppe A, advancing over the Salm, the Ourthe and the Maas Rivers. It later fought at Denee, on the Sambre River and in the Schelde region taking up position against the Allied forces trapped in the Dunkirk Pocket. After Dunkirk, the 8.Infanterie-Division went into reserve before taking up the attack into France proper advancing over the Somme and Oise Rivers during the advance on Paris.  On June 14th, 1940 the 8.Infanterie-Division along with the 28.Infanterie-Division made the ceremonial first entrance into Paris, although the 9.Infanterie-Division was the first German unit to enter earlier that morning. The formal German victory parade in Paris was conducted two days later on June 16th by the 30.Infanterie-Division.  After Paris fell the 8.Infanterie-Division crossed the Loire River at Tours and ended the campaign in the region of Rouen where it would spendthe next many months on occupation duty before being posted to the Eastern Front in April of 1941.  For the Invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941, the 8.Infanterie-Division fought as a part of 9.Armee, Armeegruppe Mitteseeing fighting in the regions of Bryansk, Vyasma and later Moscow before being pulled from the front and sent to France in November1941 where it was reformed as the 8.leichte-Infanterie-Division in December (

Interesting career switch occured as Klein was now trained as a Luftwaffe observer. Klein received his Luftwaffe observer badge on 25.3.1942 but more interesting is that he was already WIA during a dangerous flight above Bjeloj before he was qualified as observer. According to the personal letter signed by General der Flieger von Richthofen and who gave his personal appreciation for this act of bravery. Klein was shot in the elbow and took out the infanterie flak by now using his left arm operating the MG! After this he even managed to drop two 250kg bombs on the Russian attacking force.  He later received the reconnaissance clasp in bronze. 

Very interesting Luftwaffe grouping with a personal act of bravery that was noted by General der Flieger Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen, cousin of the red baron!!!! 

The group comes with th eaward documents of Klein, parts of his Wehrpass and several very interesting photos. 

Very nice group!!! 

Luftwaffe observer grouping to Ofeldw. E. Klein 4.(F)/14 combat grouping! Signed by Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen