Soldbuch to Oberfeldw. E. Nieustedt, Pz. Jäger Abt 9, 363. Volksgrenadier-Division, EK1 Opheusden, Holland 1944

Soldbuch to Oberfeldw. E. Nieustedt, Pz. Jäger Abt 9,  363. Volksgrenadier-Division, EK1 Opheusden, Holland 1944

Soldbuch to Oberfeldw. E. Nieustedt, Pz. Jäger Abt 9, 363. Volksgrenadier-Division, EK1 Opheusden, Holland 1944

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Soldbuch to Oberfeldwebel Erich Nieustedt. First issue from August 1939. This construction mechanic was already in active military service when the war broke out. He had been awarded the Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse in 1937, and the Czech annexation medal in August 1939. Promoted from Schütze around 1934 up to Unteroffizier, Nieustedt served saw his first action with Panzer-Abwehr-Abteilung 9 of the 9. Infanterie-Division on the Westwall, first on the French border in the Saarpfalz, and later in the Eifel. Now reformed into Panzerjäger-Abteilung 9, Nieustedt's anti-tank unit joined the 9.ID in its push through Luxemburg and the Belgian Ardennes in May 1940, towards the Somme river near Amiens in France, before progressing south towards Paris. After some occupation time in France and southern Poland, the 9.ID fought on the southern section of the Eastern Front: at Kiew and on the Donez river, then in the Caucasian mountains and the Kuban bridgehead. Nieustedt earned the EKII in October 1942, along with the Ostmedaille. He was hospitalised with jaundice in March 1943, and served with reserve units for the remainder of the year.   

By May 1944, Nieustedt was still with Reserve-Panzerjäger-Abteilung 9, situated in occupied France as part of the 179. Reserve-Panzer-Division. This reserve division was then used to merge with the 16.Pz.Gren.Div. into the newly erected 116. Panzer-Division. If Nieustedt fought with the "Windhund" division in Normandy is unclear, as that same Summer of 1944 he joined Panzerjäger-Abteilung 363 of the 363. Infanterie-Division: notice the September 1st dated security stamp by this unit on page 14.   The 363.ID was decimated in the Falaise pocket and then retreated towards the Heimat, were it was reformed into the 363. Volksgrenadier-Division on Truppenübungsplatz Wildflecken in September 1944. As one of very few "ordinary" infantry Panzerjäger battalions it received two full assault gun Kompanies, notably equiped with the Jagdpanzer 38 "Hetzer", and it must be around this time that the fantastic portrait photo in StuG wrapper was inserted in the Soldbuch. The 363.VGD was sent to Holland on September 28th, 1944 to counterattack the Allied airborne assault at Arnhem. It crossed the Rhine at Rhenen and fought mostly during the battle for Opheusden, against the famous 101st US Airborne Division. Here, Nieustedt was awarded the EKI on 26th of October 1944! Notice the large amount of combat equipment he received that same time frame: an MP40, pocket watch, binoculars, compass and more, all while fighting west of Arnhem. 

The October 27th dated MP40 is the last dated entry in the Soldbuch, and likely Nieustedt was captured by the Americans captivity soon after, on the front lines near Rhenen in November 1944 or during the Ardennes Offensive the following winter. His POW number is written on the back of the close combat day list. He was released by the Allies and allowed to return home in February 1946.  The Soldbuch is in very good condition and comes with his Militär-Führerschein from 1934, a Kriegsurlaubschein from 1942, and his registration document when returning home from captivity in 1946.

Fantastic Soldbuch!!!