Wehrpass to Major H. Pabst, DKIG, Honor Goblet winner Stukageschwader 77, Kdr. II./SG 10

Wehrpass to Major H. Pabst, DKIG, Honor Goblet winner Stukageschwader 77, Kdr. II./SG 10

Wehrpass to Major H. Pabst, DKIG, Honor Goblet winner Stukageschwader 77, Kdr. II./SG 10

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Wehrpass (and soldbuch) to Major Herbert Pabst.  Pabst entered service very early in 1934 in Cottbus moving through several early flight and infantry units. On 1.11.1936 Pabst finally went to his first Stuka unit "Sturzkampfgeschwader 165" in Kitzingen and later with the II. Gruppe in Schweinfurt. Just before he was placed in "Sturzkampfgeschwader 1" he had an extra training of 3 months within Flieger-Gruppe 10 flying the Hs 123 training them for dive bombing. Pabst then finally made it to the rank of Oberleutnant and went to the notorious Sturzkampfgeschwader 77. He was part of the II Gruppe and was send to the Polish campaign attacking several ground targets. Recorded is that Pabst crashlanded his machine on 18.09.39 II./St.G. 77 he remained unhurt - Ju 87 B forcelanded near Mlochow due to AA damage. The complete and detailed list of action is nicely entered in the WP. After the Polish campaign Oberleutnant Pabst was decorated with the Iron cross 2nd class. 

At the very first day of the Blitzkrieg Pabst was placed back into position with II./St.G. 77. The unit had a very important roll clearing the way for the many ground troops that were going to invade Belgium and France. It saw action at the Albert Canal near the Fortress of Eben Emael, battles around Maastricht in Holland and then cleared the path for Panzertruppe Guderian in France. The Geschwader had to cleared out British artillerie and panzered units but also cleared out British airfields. The battle entries are very well written down in the Wehrpass.  Pabst was now awarded with the EK1 and promoted to Hauptmann. On 09.03.41 Oblt. Pabst (II./St.G. 77) was recorded WIA with his Ju 87 B-1 and crashed on landing at Toussus-le-Noble (no wound badge was recorded in the pass. 

In 1941 and 1942 Hauptmann Pabst was now send southeast with St.G. 77 and placed in action in Yugoslavia, Ukraine and the Krim. He was awarded with a list of awards and became Staffelkapitän I. / Sturzkampfgeschwader 77. For all the combat missions he received the Bomber clasp bronze, silver and gold. The Croatian pilot badge and Croatian Merit Medal Of King Zvonimir (+oaks)  for his service in the Balkan and the Luftwaffe Honour Goblet. Pabst then flew missions on Russia (Luftlotte 3), clearing the city of Tsjerkasi. He was now also awarded with the German cross in gold. 

Pabst now climbed up to the rank of Major and was transfered to the France based unit "Schlachtgeschwader 101" and later became Komandeur. of II./SG 103! Pabst then forfilled his active roll within the Luftwaffe and became General Stab member of Luftwaffe fighter units untill the end of the war.

Major Pabst was awarded with 18 awards of which the Luftwaffe Honour Gablet and German cross in gold. 

The group includes the Wehrpass of Major Pabst. Complete and FULL with super entries. Missing page 1/2 (and so photo). The Wehrpass comes with the Soldbuch cover of Pabst Soldbuch. The Soldbuch still has his original photo inside, stamped with "Schlachtgeschwader 103". No pages inside.

Top grouping of a highly decorated Stuka ace. 

Wehrpass to Major H. Pabst, DKIG, honor goblet winner Stukageschwader 77, Kdr. II./SG 103 

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